Romney and Company (or: “Corporations are my friends, people”)

October 23rd, 2012

A follow-up to Corporations are People, inspired by Joe Biden’s reference this morning to “Romney and company.”


“Romney and company…” – Joe Biden this morning at the University of Toledo


The phrase “Romney and company” becomes even more fitting

When one considers who his policies are benefiting.


The heart of all Mitt’s plans, policies, and accusations:

President Obama doesn’t do enough for corporations.


Sure, their stock prices have been going up,

And Wall Street even made money from the economy blowing up.


Sure they’re making record profits and earnings,

And many previously-offshored jobs are now returning.


Sure, the President is willing to cut corporate taxes to encourage more job creation,

Which seems to belie the “Obama is an anti-corporate communist” allegation.


But whatever the President does, Mitt will do more,

Shilling for Big Business likenever before.


And Mitt will also cut taxes for their rich managers and owners,

Who not coincidentally happen to be his biggest donors.


So it turns out “Romney and company” is more than just a line:

It’s the basic principle that his policies determine and define.


Here’s Joe this morning at UT.



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