Rise of the Old Right (or, No Bad Idea Ever Really Dies)

June 17th, 2010

“The [John Birch] Society would actually be termed more of the Old Right” — then newly-appointed John Birch Society president Congressman Larry McDonald, appearing on Crossfire in 1983 (watch that below) 

Inspired by last night’s Hardball special Rise of the New Right (watch that below too). It is chilling.

 “We are in deep tyranny, deep, deep. We have a psychopathic elite who form a global guild of psychopaths. They have their symbols, they have their language, they have their whole communication system. They’re in control of the planet and they’re setting up a planetary police state to carry out an orderly extermination of at least 80% (some say 99%). They debate the numbers of us they want to kill.” – popular Far Right internet radio host Alex Jones (Jones also believes the US government was behind 9-11).

This quote to me says it all.

The last century saw America’s rise; will this one see our fall?

At least Jones says it will be an orderly extermination.

(I’m not sure why he added that annotation.

“We are losing our country. We think the Muslims are moving in and taking over. We do not believe our President is a Christian, and he lead us to believe that. Our President is a liar. God bless Joe Wilson.”

An hour about the Far Right is hard to take.

It’s almost enough, that last thread of hope to break.

Don’t tread on me, the “revolutionaries” say.

“We want our country back!” Who took it away?

“Obama is a radical communist… He’s going to destroy this country. We’re either going to stop him, or the United States of America is going to cease to exist.” – Alan Keyes

Obama has been upgraded from socialist dictator to communist–

No wonder Teabaggers are so pissed.

That moves him from the company of Willy Brandt to Stalin, Kim Jong-il, and Ceaucescu.

So what should we do? (Rush, that’s you cue.)

“We need to defeat these bastards. We need to wipe them out.” – Rush Limbaugh

Wipe them out?

What’s that about?

I’m sure you’re not inciting violence.

After all, they’re only isolated incidents.

“I would remind you the extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and… moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” – Barry Goldwater

Goldwater, eh—so this kind of rhetoric has been going on for a while,

Except that the rhetoric now is even more hostile.

But of course Republicans and Fox don’t want their followers to be violent.

After all, no one’s saying that Obama isn’t our legitimate President.

“When I see judges coming with such decisions, it’s an embarrassment to the judicial system of this nation.” – Birther Queen Orly Taitz, discussing how Obama is not the legitimate President because he’s not a natural born citizen, as the Constitution requires.

So Obama’s Presidency is itself illegitimate,

Since the Constitution foreign-born Presidents doesn’t permit.

Will this be added to the long list of Obama’s Constitutional violation,

For none of which Teabaggers have any substantiation.

“I don’t believe the President of the United States knows and respects and appreciates the Constitution of the United States.” – Former (Republican) House Majority Leader and Tea Party icon Dick Armey

So Obama is a Constitutional ignoramus and transgressor,

Even though he studied Con Law at Harvard and was a Constitutional Law professor,

But Obama can’t compete with the expertise and knowledge the Far Right brings

In the person of their illustrious professor of all things.

“He seems to be the only one in the media right now that is saying things that we’ve been saying in our meetings but haven’t been hearing from our leaders.” – member of Michigan militia talking about Glenn Beck

Yes, Professor Beck is finally giving voice to the lunatic fringe,

Protecting us from those who our rights would infringe.

But though there are disagreements between Left and Right,

We’re all still Americans, right?

“I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America.” – Michele Bachmann

Thanks, Michele, for that reminder.

Quick everyone, break out your automatic anti-American finder.

Or use Michele’s method, if you prefer:

The anti-Americans are the ones that disagree with her.

“We are generally a pragmatic people, not given to ideological extremes. What’s scary today is the language being thrown about. Words have consequences. You cannot call a President’s policies un-American as Sarah Palin has done, or refer to the elected government as a regime, as Rush Limbaugh persists in doing, or the President as a foreign usurper as the Birthers do, without giving license on some day to real trouble. This April was the fifteenth anniversary of Oklahoma City, and it’s well to consider to happen when people act on what they hear, when the hatred of our own elected government becomes explosive.” – Chris Matthews’ concluding remarks

As a wrap-up and conclusion, that can’t be improved upon;

In fact, it’s basically what I’ve been trying to say all along.

The conservative movement still has a chance, itself to redeem:

Follow William F. Buckley’s example, and throw out the extreme.


Here’s Hardball’s 6/16/10 special report.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here is is Congressman McDonald’s twopart interview by Tom Braden on Crossfire in 1983 (the “Old Right” reference is at the 3:46” mark). That’s a young Pat Buchanan joining in on the questioning—you know someone’s far right when he thinks they’re extreme. In fine McCarthy tradition, McDonald identifies both CIA Director Bill Casey and then-President Ronald Reagan as part of the Communist conspiracy. Does what McDonald is saying about the world government conspiracy remind you of any of our other quotes? Does it bother you that the person who posted the clip (a 2008 Ron Paul for President supporter) says that all McDonald’s conspiracy theories are justified and that the conspiracy continues to this day?

Update 6/18/10: Check out this interesting article from today’s Huffington Post, Tea Party Calls Chris Matthews Documentary A ‘Left-Wing Hit Piece,’ Urges Hardball Sponsors To Boycott.

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