Rhymes with “Buck”

December 21st, 2012

Inspired by S.E. Cupp’s description of Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp’s relationship with Speaker Boehner.



“Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp, one of the four Republicans stripped of his committee chair, explained why he bucked the Speaker today on Morning Joe.” – S.E. Cupp


Being the House Speaker can really suck

When you have extremists who your leadership buck.


I did do a double-take when I thought I heard

S.E. Cupp suddenly say a very bad word.


Then I realized she said Huelskamp the Speaker had bucked,

The heresy of raising taxes even slightly to obstruct.


Actually, S.E., you were a few letters off,

And now all “fiscal cliff” bets are off.


Boehner tried his personal “Plan B” to pass,

But couldn’t enough GOP votes amass.


(I guess you could say that last night, alas,

Poor Speaker Boehner got bucked in the pass.)


Here’s The Cycle’s panel discussion (S.E.’s quote is at the 1”50 mark).

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