October 13th, 2010

Inspired by what she accomplished. Sad that she’s leaving (read Michelle Rhee resigns; Gray huddles with her successor for more).

Michelle Rhee is the one who DC’s education reform design.

Now, unfortunately, she has resigned.

Maybe she and her boss were a little bit rough,

But reforming a school system is tough.

Like Fenty said, she exceeded expectations,

And accomplished a lot (in spite of the accusations).

Anger with her is part of what Fenty the election cost;

She said she’d go if he lost.

I hope DC’s schools will keep improving,

Unaffected by her (“mutual”) removing.

I supported Fenty, but am not hoping for Gray to fail.

I do fear that Rhee’s departure the progress will derail.

Ms. Henderson, I wish you all the best:

Hopefully you’ll make me equally impressed.


Here’s the press conference.


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