Reverse Nixons

October 12th, 2012

Who are the real fiscal conservatives?


For all you fiscal conservatives below the Mason-Dixon,

I have one word of advice: remember Nixon.


Why should Obama win North Carolina?

Because only Nixon could go to China.


Years of Repub demonization of Dem government spending

Have resulted in the standard stereotype’s upending:


Contrary to the longstanding GOP charge,

Nowadays only Republicans can the government enlarge.


Now only Republicans are allowed to spend lavishly,

While Dems feel forced to toe the anti-deficit line slavishly.


It’s one giant GOP deception:

Big Government Bush was the new rule, not the exception.


Even Paul Ryan voted for it all,

And now he wants Bush to take the fall.


Ryan claims to lead the hard line budgeteers,

But even his budget doesn’t balance for 28 years!


And it’s hard to claim you’re a fiscal hawk dork

When you were at the front of the line for government pork.


Romney plans trillions for tax cuts and trillions more in defense.

How about that, fiscal conservatives still on the fence?


Why should Obama and the Dems win every fiscal conservative’s vote?

Because only he can stop the government bloat.


Here are Rachel and Chris Hayes discussing the fantasy of GOP fiscal responsibility and the “small government” myth.

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