Restricting Your Right to Bear Arms

March 8th, 2014

Inspired by Calif. store’s sale of smart gun prompts a furious backlash (Mike Rosenwald, Washington Post 3/08/14 page A2).


Someone doesn’t want you to own

A certain gun they don’t condone.


There’s a group of gun-grabbers that this gun opposes

Due to the risk that it supposedly poses.


You’re convinced you need this specific gun to keep your family safe,

But they at your right to own this gun chafe.


They want to restrict your right to bear this arm

Because they think it causes harm.


Why do these extremists demand you lose

The right a smart gun as family protection to chose?


It’s ironic that the NRA and gun rights enthusiasts are vociferously attacking the first gun store in the country (the Oak Tree Gun Club in California) selling smart guns, especially given how the NRA is always complaining that gun grabbers are unfairly prejudiced against and unreasonably targeting assault rifles. Even more bizarre, Oak Tree has apparently caved in to their pressure. So, if you wanted to buy this particular kind of gun, your right to do so has now been taken away.


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