Restoring Honor

August 29th, 2010

“There are plenty of opportunities to talk about politics. This isn’t one of them.” – Restoring Honor press information sheet

You said you weren’t going to make your rally political.

In that, I think you were being a little hypocritical.

Why restore honor unless it’s been taken away?

What is it, Glenn, that you were trying to say?

You didn’t come right out and say who did that dirty deed,

But then that’s not information your followers need.

Of course, you didn’t really have to

Since your followers know whom you’re referring to.

They’ve heard you say it many times before,

And don’t need to hear you say his name anymore.

No, you didn’t mention Obama during the rally

(Not even during your emotion-packed finale).

But you mentioned him plenty of times before and since

(You’ve never been one, your words to mince).

Yes, with you, there always will be plenty of opportunities to talk about politics,

But even when you don’t, you still manage to get in your political licks.

No, you’ve left no doubt about who caused the terrible situation you deplored.

Glenn, you’re the one whose honor needs to be restored.


Here’s Glenn’s keynote (move the slider to the one hour mark to watch the emotional finale).

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