Real Superpass

Get MP3 downloads, online movies, unlimited streaming music radio, games, TV shows, McAfee VirusScan, and Real’s premium player for one low monthly fee.
Try Real SuperPass for free for 14 days. If you don’t like it, just cancel… and keep your ten MP3 downloads and other freebies!

RealNetworksReal SuperPass is an online subscription service for music, movies, games, and TV shows.  For $14.99 per month, you get:

  • $10 worth of MP3 downloads per month (your choice of over 250 thousand albums, 80+ thousand artists and over 5 million songs)
  • Unlimited streaming internet radio (3000+ stations)
  • Stream movies and TV shows
  • Listen free to 25 songs/month on Rhapsody
  • Free copy of RealPlayer Plus
  • One free game download monthly (yours to keep if you cancel) from RealArcade
  • Video storage and downloads
  • Photo printing (get 10 free prints when you sign up)
  • Live feed to the CBS’ Big Brother house (including some content that can’t be shown on TV)
  • Free subscription and updates to McAfee VirusScan.

RealNetworksThe ability to download Youtube videos is another useful feature. You can download any Youtube video, and then convert it to a variety of other formats, or an MP3 or other audio file.

One minus about Real’s website is that they don’t give you a lot of information about the service and what you can get from it before you actually sign up. This description will hopefully remedy that.Watch Big Brother 11 on SuperPass. Can't see on TV

You get MacAfee anti-virus protection for free with SuperPass, which is worth $40/year. So if you consider that and the $10 per month of Rhapsody downloads, the net cost for everything else is about $20 per year, or $1.66 per month, which isn’t bad for the online radio, movies, TV shows, game downloads (if you play games), the upgraded Real Player, and the other stuff you get.

There still aren’t that many movies on SuperPass (about 300 as of 4/02/10), although they are reportedly adding 30 new movies per month. So while I wouldn’t do SuperPass just for the movies, it’s a nice low-cost add-on.

Here are the film genres and the number of films in each one as of this writing:Real Networks14-Day Free Trial to SuperPass

  • Action (32)
  • Comedy (63)
  • Documentary (21)
  • Drama (131)
  • Horror (30)
  • Science Fiction (16)
  • Western (5)

Here are the TV shows by type and number in each one, followed by a list of shows in each genre:Watch Deadliest Catch on SuperPass

  • Reality (9)
  • TLC (7)
  • Discovery (12)
  • Animal Planet (4)
  • Live shows (6)
  • Classic series (10)


  • Chains of Love
  • Fool Around With
  • The Salon
  • Big Brother 10
  • Secrets of the Sexes
  • I Want To Be a Hilton
  • Under One Roof
  • Anything for Love
  • Big Brother 9


Dirty Jobs on Superpass!

  • Miami Ink – 1
  • Miami Ink – 2
  • Miami Ink – 3
  • American Chopper-1
  • American Chopper-2
  • Little People, Big World
  • Future Weapons


  • MythBusters-1
  • MythBusters-2
  • MythBusters-3
  • Deadliest Catch-1
  • Deadliest Catch-2
  • Deadliest Catch-3
  • Watch Mythbusters on SuperPass

    • Dirty Jobs
    • Shark Week
    • Survivorman
    • Everest: Beyond the Limit-1
    • Everest: Beyond the Limit-2
    • Extreme Engineering

    Animal Planet:Meerkat Manor on Superpass!

    • Meerkat Manor-1
    • Meerkat Manor-2
    • Escape to Chimp Eden
    • The Most Extreme

    Live shows:

    • Live At The Studio
    • The BB Hour
    • The Psychic View
    • Late Night Las Vegas
    • Mad As Hell
    • The DUH! Show

    Here’s the list of classic series:


    • Gumby Adventures
    • Hopalong Cassidy
    • Peter Gunn
    • Cisco Kid
    • I Spy
    • My Favorite Martian
    • Robin Hood
    • Invisible Man
    • Daniel Boone
    • Kung-Fu Classics

    Get Movies Online With SuperPass – 14 Day Free Trial

    So give it a try— especially if you don’t have virus protection, or if it’s getting ready to expire. If you don’t like it, just cancel after 14 days (unlike some places, they make that easy), and keep the free MP3s and game downloads! What have you got to lose?


    Watch Big Brother 11 on SuperPass. Can't see on TV