October 29th, 2009

See “Writer Calls Polanski Child Victim A ‘Hooker’” (Sky News 10/29/09), “Lawyer in HBO’s Polanski: I Lied’” (Washington Post 10/01/09), “In a Fighting Mood: Roman Polanski Will Contest Extradition to US” (Washington Post 9/29/09), Roman Polanski, Liberal Hero ( 9/30/09), and other articles referred to below. Read the petition to free Polanski here and see the list of signers here. Watch the video below of The View’s discussion of the Polanski case, including Whoopi Goldberg’s comment that it wasn’t “rape rape.”


Polanski’s being extradited to the US.

His guilt he did already confess.

But still, some defend him.

Me, I can’t comprehend him.

I’m not talking about his movies—

Those I understand.

I’m talking about his actions.

Those I just can’t stand.

As two young daughters’ father

I think it’s worth the bother

To express my opposition

To his moral supposition.

Polanski’s internet defenders say we must recall

That his pregnant wife was killed by Manson, after all.

Horrible yes, but no excuse

For his brutal act of child abuse.

But whatever the source of his compulsion

All I feel towards him is Repulsion.

If you don’t know what Polanski’s crime entails,

Read here about the details.

It wasn’t “just” statutory rape,

For which punishment he seeks to escape.

Mr. Polanski:

Yes you’re a famous director,

A world cultural treasure.

But that doesn’t give you the right

To hurt others for your pleasure.

You wrote in your autobiography that you have “great admiration for American institutions.”

That means in spite of your artistic contributions,

You don’t have the right the law to disobey:

You just can’t get on your Magical Bicycle and ride away.

America is sometimes prudish, it’s true.

But it isn’t prudish to condemn you.

And the person that you hurt–

She had feelings too.

And not even the French agree with you,

Or the intellectual’s trope that rapists are people too.

Their government might have blocked your extradition,

But the French people are disgusted by your act, and lack of contrition.

Even the LA Times showed they get it.

Your crime was so brutal, one can’t forgive and forget it.

Though your work is much admired,

You’re still Wanted but not desired.

It doesn’t matter that your victim wants the case dropped

So that all the publicity can finally be stopped.

It doesn’t matter that 32 years have passed—

You must be brought to justice at last.

Mr. Big Dog:

You call Polanski a liberal hero in your blog.

I’m a liberal, it’s true,

And President Obama is too.

But he’s also got daughters (two)

So I don’t think we like Polanski any more than you.

Obama could easily just have just let it go

(Like Bush did for 8 years of Polanski visits to Switzerland, you know).

But when Obama got the tip he filed for Polanski’s extradition

In spite of likely Hollywood opposition.

Joan Shore,

I like HuffPost but on this I have to disagree.

It doesn’t matter if the girl’s mother wanted her in a movie.

I find it amazing that you condemn the Swiss for the arrest

But you’re OK with the Nazi troop transit to which Switzerland acquiesced.

Gore Vidal,

I don’t think it’s fair at all

To call the victim a “young hooker”

Just because her mother forsook her

And Polanski of advantage took her.

“Powerhouse Producer” Harvey Weinstein,

I’m afraid your view is asinine.

Hollywood has a better moral compass?

Sorry, but I think that’s bumpus,

And more than a little pompous.

And Whoopi:

Sorry, but you’re not just wrong.

You’re wrong-wrong.

And PS to Mr. Polanski:

When they finally get you to DC,

There are some people you’d like to meet.

The address is 133 C Street.


 Even though we all obsess about Beverly Hills, Hollywood isn’t always right (watch the video below and check out the song and/or CD in our Amazon Store, or download it for free with the Real SuperPass free trial offer).


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