Republican Self Abuse?

September 16th, 2010

Yes, this is yet another piece about the girl from Delaware,

The latest “mama grizzly” bear.

This one has a slightly different theme,

While still drawing on an ever-popular meme.

It’s about whether Christine’s primary election

Will help or hurt the GOP insurrection.

O’Donnell defeated Mike Castle, who was almost guaranteed

To win Deleware’s seat in the Senate, pundits agreed.

Now, Dem Chris Coons is leading by 16 percent,

Which might the GOP from getting that seat prevent.

We all know Christine’s opinion on abusing oneself,

So it’s ironic that she may have done just that herself.

But Republicans, says Chris Matthews, have the juice,

So maybe it’s not a case of Republican self-abuse.

(Why, by the way, is it called “abusing” oneself?

I’ve always found it pretty pleasant myself.)

My view: while O’Donnell is sure fun to mock,

I agree with Chris that it’s a mistake to view the election as a lock.

The Far Right’s response is that GOP elites can eff themselves:

All Teabaggers care about is pleasing themselves.

Still, in the long run, just pleasing oneself, although seductive,

Isn’t always politically productive.

And isn’t perpetuation of one’s political species what politics is all about?

…Especially if you’re a member, like Christine, of the right-wing devout.


Here’s Chris Matthews on 9/15/10 making the point that political history is full of examples of nutty right-wingers that ended up winning. It’s all about juice, says Chris. (Pat Buchanan agrees.)


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