Republican Heaven, American Hell

April 6th, 2011

Inspired by Paul Ryan’s dogmatic budgetAs shutdown looms, GOP offers a 2012 plan: Less for healthcare, and Rep. Ryan’s changes would be biggest yet for Medicare (Washington Post 4/06/11).

“We believe in this country  that we ought to have a social safety net… The problem is that our social safety net is fraying at the seams.” – Republican House Budget Committee chair and GOP Path author Paul Ryan


Who said Republicans hate the poor?

In fact, they love them so much, they want to make more.

Republicans have always wanted to get rid of Social Security and Medicare.

If that makes most old people poor, they don’t care.

That’s how it used to be to be old in the U.S.,

But it’s not necessary to gut Medicare, the deficit to address.

The GOP plan for 2012 plus

Says it’s time, Medicare benefits to discuss.

I’ve got nothing against good discussions,

But before we proceed, lets recognize the repercussions.

Paul Ryan thinks he can get seniors to support

Elimination of Medicare in favor of “premium support.”

That’s just a nice way of saying that your healthcare is being taken away,

And you’ll be forced to shell out whatever insurance companies want you to pay.

To reduce political opposition, Ryan won’t deprive

Any of Medicare who’s already 55.

If Ryan’s plan is such a great idea, why have that restriction?

(Too bad he doesn’t have the courage of his own conviction.)

Just because the social safety net is fraying at the seams

Doesn’t mean we should go to the GOP’s proposed extremes.

They insisted on doubling the deficit to extend the Bush tax cut,

And now use that as an excuse, Medicare and other programs to gut.

It’s funny how the solution to all the problems they’ve created 

Is something Republicans have wanted to do since the social safety net was created.

And forget about Medicaid – that will be crippled as well:

Welcome to Republican Heaven (and American Hell).


Here’s Hardball’s 4/05/11 panel discussion about the GOP Path to Prosperity, particularly the elimination of Medicare/Medicaid as we know it.

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Here’s Hardball’s 4/06/11 panel discussion about Ryan’s plan and GOP “leader” reaction to it.

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Here’s Rachel’s 4/06/11 report on Paul’s Plan and it’s magical assumptions. (I like that former OMB Director Alice Rivlin does not support what Ryan is calling the “Rivlin-Ryan” plan.

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