Republican furor over Obama school address

September 10th, 2009

Florida GOP head Jim Greer,

You’re an obnoxious pain in the rear.

You make your career

Out of inciting fear.

In ignorance, you are without peer.


Obama’s wanted to “indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda”

(oh yes, you said it).

You condemned his speech

Before you even read it.

When the speech was released

Even you had to confess

There was nothing in it

That you could protest.


But it was political, you say with a sneer.

There was that line in the memo (later deleted)

Which you avowedly so fear.

And you say Dems were also critical of GB1

When he gave a school speech in 1991.


Yes, there was the memo to teachers drafted by a long-time Department of Education resident

Suggesting kids could “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.”

You say that’s what caused you to rail

(I guess because you want Obama to fail).


And it’s true, some Dems took Bush 1’s speech as an affront

Saying the appearance was a political stunt,

And maybe it was, since one has to say

That he did announce his candidacy for reelection the next day.


But noone called Bush 1 a socialist or fascist dictator.

(Rush Limbaugh, why are you such a hater?)

Noone accused him of trying to set up his own Hitler Youth

(Glenn Beck et. al., why are you so uncouth?)

No parents demonstrated in front of schools

Or kept their kids home (flouting truancy rules).

And when Bush 1 said “Write me a letter… about ways you can help us achieve our goals”

Noone proposed raking him over hot coals.


Republicans, if you keep up this bent

Our country’s prospects are dim.

We’ve only got one President

And Jim Greer, you ain’t him.


Obama’s our duly elected President

So show some respect.

And stop saying things

So wildly incorrect.


Why are you Republicans always so suspicious,

Attributing to others such crimes fictitious?

Studies show that when people do wrong and feel shame

They rationalize it by thinking everyone else is the same.

So could your attribution of bad intention

Be indicative of your own transgression?

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