Repeal Reveal

March 18th, 2010

Inspired by GOP lawmakers, candidates promise to ‘repeal it’ (Washington Post 3/18/10).

“This would be smart politically, and it’s the right thing to do.” – Michele “Queen Crazy” Bachmann (R-Tea Party)
“In the near term however, it is disappointing that some Republican legislators, I think maybe taking their cue from the more extreme voices on talk radio or Fox TV are pledging to repeal this new law. In fact, the distinguished Minority Leader (Republican Leader) a couple of weeks ago at a press conference said that their motto was going to be this year that if we pass this bill, to elect Republicans to repeal it. Well, this strikes me as bad public policy, and quite frankly, bad politics. Do Republicans really want to repeal the ban on denying insurance coverage due to preexisting conditions? Do they really want to repeal the ban on insurance companies canceling your policy if you get sick?” – Senator Tom Harkin (R-Iowa) on the Senate floor 3/22/10
Make my day.” – senior White House advisor David Axelrod

You say you’ll repeal it. Do you really think you will?

I think your desire to do so reveals more about you than the bill.

I have to admit I’d be lying

If I said I wasn’t looking forward to your trying.

I know Republicans think that the bill stinks,

But it’s not as unpopular as the GOP thinks.

And when Americans get to know it,

They won’t want to forgo it.

Though the GOP the healthcare bill condemns,

They’re very excited about using it against Dems.

But I think this pledge will come back to bite you–

It just gives Dems something good with which to fight you.

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