Reparations (or: It Turns Out They Were Only Hurting Themselves)

June 20th, 2011

Inspired by Va. scholarships atoning for segregation go to whites (Washington Post 6/20/11).

“Why do you insist trying to resist?
Where is all this getting you?
You think you’re hurting me, but you’re only hurting yourself.”
Sandy McKnight, Only Hurting Yourself

Virginia is trying to make up for segregation

By giving white people financial compensation.

In the fifties, VA implemented “massive resistance

To the federal government’s pesky equal rights insistence.

VA closed or privatized schools rather than let in The Blacks,

And subjected new black students to verbal and physical attacks.

Now we learn that the real victims were white,

And VA is giving them scholarships to make up for their plight.

They should set up a separate but equal white scholarship fund,

And then VA Republicans could the black one defund.


Here’s your theme music, Only Hurting Yourself by Sandy McKnight.

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