Remember the Titans

July 22nd, 2012

Inspired by the movie Remember the Titans, which I saw on TV last night for the first time.


“The team saved the city of Alexandria.” – then-President Richard Nixon about the T.C. Williams Titans


What if instead of blocking Obama at every turn,

Republicans had helped him adopt issues of mutual concern?


What if instead of unyielding partisan obstruction

Republicans had worked together on economic reconstruction?


What if instead trying to shut down the government and the debt ceiling threat,

Republicans had worked with Dems to do something about the debt?


What if instead of burying Obama under a campaign of hatred and lies

They’d actually been willing to compromise?


Though Republicans may at such ideas scoff,

I think it’s pretty clear we’d be better off.


And we wouldn’t be mired in this atmosphere of hate

Which Republicans have worked so hard to create.


If that atmosphere you and your family frightens,

Watch the movie Remember the Titans.


It’s the story of a path not taken and what might have been.

Maybe in 2012 we’ll get another chance to begin.


Here’s the movie trailer. I watched it for the first time last night on TV. It’s a great story, made even better by good performances, and the fact that it takes place in neighboring Alexandria. I’ve passed by (though never gone inside) the school, T.C. Williams. As I watched, I imagined an alternate movie in which Coach Yoast (the white coach played by Will Patton who Denzel was hired as head coach in place of) had taken the Defense Coach position and had proceeded to sabotage Denzel (Coach Herman Boone) at every turn, then attacked him for his losing record. Yost would take credit every time Denzel was able to eke out a win, then use that and the losses (which he blamed Denzel for) to argue that Denzel be fired so Yoast could take his job. Yoast would also enflame racial tensions whenever he had the chance, inciting the parents against Denzel and doing his best to turn the white and black players against each other. Sound familiar?


Here’s Will Patton’s big scene. Denzel may be the movie star, but in my book, Coach Yoast is the historical star. He was passed over for the head coach job and was naturally not happy about that. At first, he didn’t think Coach Boone deserved the job, but then grew to respect him. Most importantly, when the powers that be (local and state football officials) were looking for an excuse to get rid of Coach Boone and put Coach Yoast in his place as head coach, Coach Yoast stood by Coach Boone. That could have been you, Speaker Boehner and/or Mitch McConnell. Instead, you took option 2.

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