Reich Wing Propaganda

August 17th, 2010

Inspired by Steve Schwarzman: Obama Administration’s Tax Proposals Are Like ‘When Hitler Invaded Poland’ (Huffington Post 8/16/10), On Tax Cuts and Stimulus (Daily Kos 8/15/10), and Let Bush-era tax cuts expire: It’s what’s best for America (Times Record 8/17/10).

Steve Schwarzman’s statement is absurd.

It may just be the stupidest thing I ever heard.

How about this instead, you shameless liar:

Calling this an Obama tax increase is like the Reichstag fire.

The Nazis set it, then blamed it on the Jews,

Then used that as a pretext, their takeover to excuse.

Similarly, next year’s tax increase was written into law by the GOP

Back when they were still in the majority.

They couldn’t make the cuts permanent and were forced to use reconciliation

(Back then they didn’t consider it a fatal threat to the nation).

Now they want blame Obama and the Dems for letting the cuts end–

It has nothing to do with how the GOP wrote them, they pretend.

And they aren’t even blaming Obama for what he’s proposed.

Instead, they suggest he’s to all the tax cuts opposed.

Not true: Obama has long pledged to extend the cuts, except for the wealthy

(Doing that for the budget and economy would be unhealthy).

The GOP talks as if the Dems want to raise everyone’s tax rate,

But in reality, it’s only the richest that are subject to debate.

For the lower and middle classes, everyone wants to extend;

No one has proposed that those tax cuts end.

For those in the top-earning two percent,

The GOP also wants to make those cuts permanent.

(Note that under Obama, the rich still get the biggest cuts of all,

Just not as much as under the GOP haul.)

Republicans say it’ll hurt the economy if Dems more taxes collect,

But tax cuts for the rich have the lowest stimulus effect.

On a list of twelve possible measures, they ranked dead last

(Unemployment insurance and state aid were much higher, by contrast).

But if Republicans don’t get cuts for their base

(The wealthy 1-2 percent whom they embrace),

The GOP has hinted that they’ll the other cuts abridge,

So the lower and middle classes are being held hostage.

But in spite of all this, Republicans continue

The expiration they created as a Dem increase to construe.

They set the fire, and now fan the flame,

Dems for the GOP’s own tax increase to blame.

They use this lie as the pretext for still more partisan attacks,

And as “proof” that the Dems want to raise everyone’s tax.

They’ve said that so much that lots of people believe it:

Fox preaches the Word and its loyal listeners receive it.

So, Mr. Schwarzman (and I noticed you yourself are a billionaire),

The next time you people to Hitler compare,

Do a little more checking first

To make sure your side’s not doing worse (or worst).


Here’s Dylan Ratigan’s 8/17/10 “Fat Cats Flipping Out” report, with an appearance by Newsericks regular Cenk Uygur.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Rachel’s 8/12/10 “Attention: Deficit Disorder” report about the new non-partisan CBO analysis of the proposed GOP tax cuts for the risk (Rachel also interviews Ezra to discuss his fancy graphic), followed by the CBO list. Please not that this list lumps all of the tax cut extensions into one group. Since lower and middle income people spend more of any tax cuts, their stimulative effects are much greater than tax cuts for the wealthy. So, the lower and middle class tax cuts move up the list, and the tax cuts for the wealthy move down.

CBO list of stimulus effect per stimulus dollar spent
$1.73 – Food stamps
$1.64 – Extending Unemployment Insurance
$1.59 – Infrastructure spending
$1.36 – Aid to states
$1.26 – Refundable tax credit
$1.03 – Temporary tax cut
$1.02 – Non-refundable tax rebate
$.48 – Extend AMT patch
$.37 – Make dividend and capital gains permanent
$.30 – Corporate tax cut
$.29 – Make Bush tax cuts permanent
$.27 – Accelerated depreciation


Here’s the Rachel Maddow Show’s 7/27/10 report on the increasing income inequality in America, due in  no small part to the Bush tax cuts. Bottom line: the income of the top 1% has almost tripled since 1979. The rest of us: not so much.

Here’s Jon Stewart’s 8/13/10 report.

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