February 22nd, 2012

When our personal flaws are too painful or difficult to address or even think about, we sometimes attempt to redefine them as virtues.


Isn’t it strange

That personal flaws we can’t change

Often morph into principled positions

Accompanied by admonitions.


That admonition is often directed at those we deem critical,

A table-turning tactic that’s most hypocritical.

But it’s more satisfying to criticize others than heed their criticism of us

(Momentarily distracting your critics is an additional plus).


It’s easier to blame others for our faults, or claim they’re not faults at all;

Either way works well, self-examination to forestall.

And it makes us feel better about ourselves

Than confronting what we don’t want to admit about our true selves.


The solution: listen, and look deep inside,

Rather than giving your faults a free ride.

Accept for a moment that the criticism just might

Be at least partially right.


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