Referendum or Choice?

July 2nd, 2010

Inspired by Democrats shaping battle plan (Washington Post 7/02/10). Also read my follow-up piece about what can happen when a disgruntled electorate votes someone out without paying adequate attention to whom they’re voting in, Weimar.

“If we allow a Republican Party that took a $237 billion surplus and turned it into a $1.3 trillion deficit over eight years to masquerade as the party of fiscal responsibility, then shame on us.” —White House senior adviser David Axelrod
“It’s not hard to remind  people of what the Republican experiment will be. It’s very fresh in their mind.”— Obama advisor David Plouffe

By exacerbating public disaffection,

Republicans want to turn the election

Into a Democratic Party rejection

(On in their view, a “correction”).

They rely on misdirection

Of the public’s circumspection,

Hoping voters don’t make the connection

Between current problems and the GOP’s 1998-2004 selection.

The want to make 2010 a referendum,

Since people are unhappy (and then some).

But the election is a choice,

In which voters should rejoice.

Rejoice because the alternative is clear:

Hope and progress versus failed policies and fear;

A government that works for the public good,

Not just doing what big business thinks it should.

Between electing a party that has lurched even more to the right,

And already had plenty of time to try to get things right.

They had eight long years, but it wasn’t enough,

Because, Teabaggers now say, Bush wasn’t conservative enough.

Between a party that want to fix what’s broken,

And one that in power squelches all reform, and out all but a token;

Between one that’s trying and one that thought things were great

When the economy tanked in 2008.

Between a government that gets things done

And a party that just says no to everything and everyone.

Unless that is, you’re a big corporation–

Then you can count on the GOP’s cooperation.

(Of course, even big corporations won’t do that well

After the GOP again lets the economy go to hell.)

That’s the choice in 2010:

Between the future, or 2008 all over again.

(Only next time, it will be a lot worse,

Since the GOP now to stimulus is adverse.)

Forward, or back?

Cooperation, or attack?

That’s what November will be about,

Not “things are still bad, throw the bums out.”

Yes, we’re still hurting, but things will improve,

Unless we the Party that Can from office remove.


Here’s Rachel’s 6/30/10 report (including her interview with New York Times columnist Frank Rich) on the Dem counter-offensive against the Republican efforst to make November a referendum rather than a choice, followed by her 7/01/10 report on the GOP and it’s Tea Party vanguard.

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