Reach Out and Slap Someone

September 7th, 2010

Inspired by Minister: ‘Burn A Quran Day’ To Go As Planned On September 11 (Huffington Post 9/07/10).

The Dove World Outreach Center is none of those things–

Almost every word in their title of falsehood rings.

The dove is the international symbol of peace,

Yet their tactic can only hatred and violence increase.

One wonders what they by “world outreach” meant,

Since what they’re doing is deliberate insult and incitement.

The word “Center” is the only one that isn’t beyond comprehension,

Since they obviously revel in being the center of attention.

But just like any attention-seeking child who misbehaves,

The Center shouldn’t be given the attention it craves.

And you “Reverend” Jones are a disgrace to the nation and your purported religion.

Jesus would not support your approach (not even a smigeon).


Here’s your theme music, the old AT&T theme song “reach out and touch someone.”

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