Radical Surgery

October 10th, 2010

For all you downtrodden drinkers of tea

Who believe you’re an oppressed minority,

The solution is plain to see:

Racial reassignment surgery.

I know, it sounds like a radical approach,

But I still think it’s worthwhile to broach.

It’s not as radical as it might seem

(Teabaggers have proposed things much more extreme).

It would also kill several birds with one stone,

Achieving more than Teabagger minority status alone.

It would also add color to Teabagger rallies,

And might dissuade some of the Tea Party’s racist allies.

So try it, Teabaggers, and you might find out

That being an actual minority isn’t as great as you’ve been whining about.

Either that, or just stop constantly complaining

About the “special rights” minorities have allegedly been gaining.


Here’s a scene from Black. White, a reality TV series in which they actually did this to people (albeit only temporarily).

Here’s the classic Eddie MurphyWhite Like Me” SNL sketch about the reverse form of the operation, black-to-white racial reassignment.


And here’s your theme music, Black And White by Three Dog Night.

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