Racial Voting

October 22nd, 2012

Inspired by New poll: tied race, Obama struggles among white men, leads big among Latinos, Romney gains on economy (The Grio 10/22/12), Dead Heat for Romney, Obama: WSJ/NBC Poll Shows GOP Contender Gains; Obama Retains Lead Among Women (Wall Street Journal 10/21/12) (click here for the full NBC-WSJ poll results), and Post-ABC tracking poll: Obama 49 percent, Romney 48 percent (WashingtonPost.com 10/22/12 17:00).


Should a candidate win election supported only by those who share his race?

Do you want to live in that kind of place?


Do we want a President elected solely by one ethnic faction,

Intentionally inciting and feeding on their dissatisfaction?


That kind of Pres stokes racial division, hatred, and fears,

Which is why I’m voting to give Obama four more years.


Sure, President Obama has 94% of the black vote. He also has 70% of Latinos, 78% of all non-whites, 41% of white people, and 34% of white men. Mitt Romney, in contrast, has 2% of Blacks, 25% of Latinos, 19% of all non-whites, 56% of whites, and 60% of white men. So even though Obama is “struggling” with white men, he’s still getting a sizable share of the overall white vote—more than twice Mitt’s share of non-whites.

So which candidate’s electoral path is based on support from a single racial group? And, I might ad, deliberately so.


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