Que Sherrod Sherrod?

July 21st, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier pieces about the similar smear campaign conducted against ACORN, A Hard Rain and Sex, Lies, and Videotape, inspired by ‘Racism’ Video That Led To Firing USDA Official Shirley Sherrod Was Materially Altered (Huffington Post 7/20/10 9:42 p.m.), Why Was Shirley Sherrod Ousted? (Glenn Beck 7/20/10), Vilsack: I Will Have to Live With Shirley Sherrod Mistake (CBSNews.com 5/21/10 5:24 p.m.), White House Apologizes to Fired Official (New York Times 5/21/10), and White House Apologizes To Shirley Sherrod (Huffington Post 5/21/10).


“It’s outrageous. Perhaps everybody needs a refresher course on what racism looks like. I mean, that is…” – Alisyn Camerasluta
“Exhibit A.” – Steve Doofus, Fox & Friends, yesterday
 “Well the fallout now is a headache for the White House because they may have acted without knowing the whole story.” – Brian Swillscreed
“It kind of looks like it… What was the big hurry for them to condemn her in the first place. I don’t get it.” – Steve Doofus, Fox & Friends, today
“It’s journalism malpractice what they’ve done on this story, and it’s inexcusable… They jumped the gun. They tried to destroy me with all kinds of fabrications, willingly fabricating things.” – No, not Shirley Sherrod, but it could have been. This is boy wonder “journalist” James O’Keefe on Sean Hannity talking about how “the mainstream media” tried to destroy him after he broke into Sen. Landrieu’s office (read Sex, Lies, and Videotape for more about that and to watch the interview)
“A corrupt, deceptive and manipulative media can ruin the lives of good people, disrupt families, destroy reputations, and ultimately hurt our country.” – Sarah Palin, presciently, on Facebook 6/01/10


Shirley Sherrod was crucified

Because Andrew Brickbat once again lied.

And like he did with the fabricated ACORN tales,

He did it with the connivance of Roger Ailes.


They see things through their ideological prism

And have the gall to call that journalism.

They ran their story and flogged it all day

Without even bothering to see what Ms. Sherrod had to say.


Shirley Sherrod’s act of “discrimination” happened 24 years ago

(She wasn’t a USDA employee, though from Fox’s reporting you wouldn’t know).

Brickbat and Fox said she was so filled with racial hate

That she proceeded to smugly against white farmers discriminate.


Ms. Sherrod’s father had been killed by the Klan,

And she was being asked for help by a Southern White Man.

She said he spoke as if he were superior to her,

So she decided the farmer to “one of his own kind” to refer.


She had promised herself after her dad died

That she’d stay in the South to assist those to whom help had been denied.

So many blacks had had their farms taken away,

And she wanted to help them, on their land to stay.


She considered denying this white farmer assistance,

But then she encountered her conscience’s resistance.

She decided that it wasn’t about race,

It was about helping a poor farmer, regardless of the color of his face.


She helped those white farmers save their land,

As they on CNN recounted firsthand.

Mr. and Mrs. Spooner said they couldn’t have made it without her support,

And condemned the malicious effort, Sherrod’s anecdote to distort.


Andrew Brickbat admitted that he initiated Ms. Sherrod’s persecution

As revenge on the NAACP for their Tea Party resolution.

He claims he didn’t see the full video, so that he too was deceived,

And instead of the perpetrator, he’s the aggrieved.


Today, Fox News condemned the Obama Administration

For having believed Fox’s accusation.

“What, you trusted my “reporting”? How could you be so irresponsible?

You’re the one that for this wrong is responsible.”


Is it bad that when Brickbat and Fox attacked,

The Administration and NAACP were so quick to react?

Yes, they should have avoided the Brickbat/Fox snare,

To which my response is: Next time, grow a pair.

(That applies, Mr. Nil-sack, in particular to you,

Though I’m glad you finally figured out the right thing to do.)


But to say they’re the villains is a perversion,

Albeit also a vulpinely clever diversion.

This was a contrived and cruel stab at America’s racial schism

And can’t remotely be considered journalism.


Remember when Dan Rather messed up the Bush National Guard story

But not figuring out that some of the documentation was a forgery?

An honest mistake, but Fox put their counter-attack on a continual loop.

Is there no low to which they won’t stoop?


Even giving them the benefit of the doubt

(And I do hope that the full truth will one day out),

Fox and Brickbat in their judgment sprints

Are (again) guilty of journalistic gross negligence.


But even based on what we’ve so far learned,

Without that benefit (wholly unearned),

I believe it’s undeniable

That Fox and Brickbat are guilty of libel.


Of all Fox’s fake news stories, this may be the most egregious

(Surprising from a news network so prestigious).

Of all their self-rationalizations, this may be the most bizarre,

And that, my dear reader, is a very high bar.

(After all, the “most trusted name in news

Is known for modifying facts to fit their views.)


But I have to give credit where credit is due,

And here, Glenn Beck, I’m talking to you:

While your colleagues were rushing to judgment,

You, alone at Fox News, didn’t.


The Administration was afraid the story would be on your show

(About which power you, Pat, and Stu proceeded to crow).

You are of course towing the Fox line that Obama is to blame,

Not Fox and Brickbat for their transparent efforts, racism to inflame.


Bill, I also wanted to recognize

That you were man enough to apologize.

To bad that your “Friends” didn’t follow your lead

And their own complicity and/or negligence concede.


Unfortunately, shamelessly reporting stories that aren’t true

Is for Fox News anything but new.

Van Jones, ACORN, and the New Black Panthers were similarly flogged.

When Fox plays the race card, they go whole hog.


So shouldn’t we be used to it by now

And Fox’s reporting reflexively disavow?

In fact, most Americans already do

(That includes me, and probably you).


But does that mean we have to tolerate

Fox’s unending supply of false racism and hate.

Regarding Fox, the attitude “whatever will be, will be”

Doesn’t seem very productive to me.


This is “journalism malpractice,” as little Jimmy correctly said,

Though in his mind, he was the victim instead.

Though I’m usually not one to counsel legal action,

In this case, Ms. Sherrod, I think that’s an appropriate reaction.


Maybe, finally, we can make them pay

For the falsehoods that they continue to purvey.

And Sarah: For once, we completely agree

(Not so common for you and me).


Here’s Rachel’s 7/20/10 report, including an interview with NAACP President Ben Jealous.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Countdown’s 7/21/10 “Vilsacked” update, followed by Keith’s excellent and passionate Special Comment. Kudos on the clever title, but I didn’t use it myself because I think it places the emphasis on Vilsack, Obama, and liberals. Yes, we deserve some of the blame for allowing Fox News and Andrew Brickbat to scare us into firing Ms. Sherrod, but that recognition should not distract us from those who are really to blame: the zealots that consciously and maliciously manufactured and promoted this story for the sole purpose of creating racial tension.


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here are Rachel’s 7/21/10 “Long Division” and “Omission Accomplished” reports, plus an interview with the Post’s Eugene Robinson.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s the full video of Sherrod’s speech.

Here’s CNN’s 7/20/10 reporting, including interviews with Shirley Sherrod and the white farmers she helped. Thank you, CNN, for not jumping on the bandwagon and doing actual reporting. It’s telling that the person (“JoeGerarden”) who posted the former titled it “Black CNN Anchor Gives Sympathy & Softballs To Racist USDA Worker–She Blames Fox & Tea Party.” Mr. Gerarden, Mr. Hengler, or whatever your name is: I don’t undertand how you can watch this interview (taking a break, I assume, from your usual diet of biased “reporting” from Fox, BigGovernment.com, and Rush Limbaugh) and still conclude that Ms. Sherrod is racist (not to mention your inference that she’s getting “sympathy and softballs” because Tony Harris is black). You mention the Tea Party, so I assume you are a member. As if it were needed, thank you for providing this further proof of the Tea Party’s racist elements.

Here’s the CBS News 7/21/10 report.

Here’s the Man with the Chalkboard’s 5/21/10 self-congratulatory report, followed by his original 5/20/10 report. This time, Glenn, though you make a lot of other points here I don’t agree with, I do agree that your self-congratulation is justified for not having jumped onto the race card bandwagon that the rest of your bretheren at Fox News jumped onto, and with your broader point that context matters. But I find it ironic that you condemn “the Administration” for having jumped the gun without the full context, instead of condemning Andrew Brickbat and the rest of Fox News for creating, manipulating, and promoting this story. And I have to hand it to you Glenn: you are amusing to watch. “Will anyone cover this?” you ask. Try watching MSNBC for a change.


Here’s Glen and his cronies crowing about his apparent control over the White House (“…just a note to the White House, yes, we are on to you”).

And finally, here’s your theme music (one of my favorites as a kid), Que Sera Sera, by Doris Day from Alfred Hitchcock‘s 1956 remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much (that description, Mr. Gerarden/Hengler clearly does not apply to you). Mr. Brickbat: You can learn even more about editing to create maximum horrific effect from Alfred, since he was the master…



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