Quantum of Stimulus (or: Bonds, Build America Bonds)

March 18th, 2010

As reported in Obama signs jobs bill, Obama signs $17.6 billion jobs bill (WashingtonPost.com 3/18/10), Obama: Jobs Bill Will Help Small Business Owners (Huffington Post 3/18/10), and Grassley: Bonds are a Boon for Banks (Politico 3/18/10), the first piece of Stimulus 2 (oops, I forgot we’re supposed to call it the jobs bill now) was signed today by the President.

President Obama signed a Jobs bill today.

It was a small bill, so what can I say?


Obama too said he wished that there was more

(It wasn’t as big as the bill before).

All but 11 Republicans voted against it

(They would have preferred to have condensed it).


But by GOP standards, 11 “yes” votes is a landslide

Of Republicans coming over to the right side.

I guess it’s a good sign

That at least some Republicans are growing a spine.


On the next installment, Senator Grassley took a unique stand

(Unique, that is, for him and his GOP band).

He now hates the banks with a fearful passion

And for the commoners has deep compassion.


He was upset about the Build America Bonds measure,

Which usually would give him lots of pleasure.

He didn’t like that banks are making money

(For a Republican, that’s kind of funny).


It’s an interesting juxtaposition,

The exact opposite of his usual position.

Usually he sides with the banks,

As do the rest of the GOP ranks.


Dems counter that Grassley’s just upset that BAB is a success,

As the $78 billion raised for infrastructure projects attests.

The way it works is that a state or local government issues a BAB

And the Federal government picks up part of the interest tab.


Why are we calling it the jobs bill instead of stim 2,

When create jobs is the main thing that the stimulus has tried to do?

Calling it a Jobs Bill polls better, but to me they’re identical,

And opposition to either is equally nonsensical.


Is stim 2 a lot?

No, it’s not.

It’s just a quantum, after all,

But even a quantum is better than nothing at all.


Here’s the opening scene from the movie from which this post takes its name, Quantum of Solace. Is it my imagination, or does Daniel Craig actually look a little like Timothy Geithner?


Here’s the movie theme song Another Way to Die by Jack White and Alicia Keys.

And here from the end credits is the classic Bond theme (and your theme music for today). And for real Bond afficionados, check out this James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Set.

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