Putin’s America

March 26th, 2014

Inspired by Putin’s losing bet (David Ignatius, Washington Post 3/26/14 page A19).


“What’s happening now in Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a reminder that history has ebbs and flows, advances and retreats, and that its interpretation is subjective. Even more, recent events are a warning that decisive turns in history can result from ruthless political leaders, from weak or confused adversaries, or sometimes just from historical accident. Might doesn’t make right, but it does create ‘facts on the ground’ that are hard to reverse… The battle for democracy is fought anew each time, and nowhere is it preordained that the good guys will win.”  – David Ignatius in today’s Washington Post 


It’s a contest between freedom and democracy versus the enemies they confront,

And the willingness to break the rules and use power to get want you want.


It’s the willingness to use propaganda to obfuscate the facts,

Spreading lies in support of their political attacks.


It’s about fanning the flames of hate

In order to benefit from the conflagration they create.


It’s about threatening or using violent force,

And if people die, showing no remorse.


It’s about enriching yourself and your friends at the people’s expense,

And then when that’s pointed out, taking offense.


Putin? Yeah, sure: him too,

But Republican Party, I’m talkin’ to you.


I sure hope their strategy is a losing bet.

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet.


So remember when facing Putin, or his American kin:

It’s never pre-ordained that the good guys win.


No wonder Republicans like Vladimir Putin so much: from his state-controlled media to his rigged elections, crony capitalism, use of vilification and incitement as a political tool, and his repeated willingness to use violent force, he is so much like Republicans are, or aspire to be. Is Putin’s America really the country we want to live in?


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  1. Madeleine Begun Kane Says:

    Well done!

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