Pumping Ryan

October 11th, 2012

Inspired by the pictures of Ryan working out released by Time, and the GOP’s efforts to pump Ryan up for the VP debate tonight.  


“We want to…PUMP YOU UP.” – two other iron-pumping aficionados


Paul is pumping himself up and getting ready—

Who knew one could make such a hunk out of Little Eddie.


The rest of the right-wing is pumping him up too,

Relishing the thought of what he to Bumbling Biden will do.


They see Ryan as their boy wonder, and cool,

And Joe Biden as a blundering fool.


Be careful, right-wingers: the fictitious images you create

Just take one little pin-prick to deflate.


And after a full week during which you of Romney’s debate win have crowed,

Be careful you don’t pump Ryan up too much, or he might just explode.


Here are the two iron-pumpers referred to above, along with the original Pumping Iron.

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