Public Campaign Finance

April 11th, 2010

As described in Coal, corruption and campaign finance reform ( 4/06/10) and Corporate Special Interests for Controls on Campaign Spending? (Huffington Post 4/10/10), the influence of lobbyists and corporate campaign funding on our political system is a very damaging one. Sure, we can make reforms around the edges, but in my view there’s only one way to really solve the problem.

As I pointed out earlier, there are Dem lobbyists as well

(Not as many, since Dem causes don’t pay as well).

But restricting lobbyists doesn’t really help the situation

Since they’re just the tip of the iceberg of special interest domination.

Is there a solution

To our democracy’s devolution?

Yes, if more people took a stance

In favor of public campaign finance.

Some protest that they don’t want to pay for those damn politicians,

But who do you think pays now for lobbyists’ political acquisitions?

Lobbyists and their clients only pay because they get back more than they invested,

When paid-for politicians provide the payback that lobbyists requested.

Unless we want to continue the people’s power to special interests to give,

Public finance is a much cheaper alternative

After all, if special interests pay for an election,

They’re the ones that will determine our Nation’s direction.

Isn’t it obvious? I don’t think it could be more:

In politics as in life, you get way you pay for.

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