Protecting the Pres

October 22nd, 2009

Inspired by “Secret Service Spread Thin By Increase In Threats Against U.S. Leaders”  (Huffington Post 10/20/09), “Pelosi Says Anti Obama Rhetoric Sounds Familiar” (Washington Post 9/18/09), and “President Gets a Warm Welcome and a Hot Question in New Orleans” (Washington Post 10/15/09). As reported by the Huffington Post, a new Congressional Research Service report documents an unprecedented number of death threats against President Obama (five times as many as against Bush). The Secret Service is stretched thin dealing with this increase, along with the rise in hate groups and anti-government fervor (click here for the 4/07/09 Department of Homeland Security report on that). Journalist Ron Kessler’s new book on protecting presidents In the President’s Secret Service is now number three on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list. What does it all mean? As one 9-year old boy asked Obama in New Orleans (watch the video below), why do so many people seem to hate the President? And more even important, why aren’t conservatives taking a stand against this fomentation of hatred (for more on that, see the excellent 8/22/09 New York Times article, “The Guns of August”).


Whenever Obama’s out of town,

I hope he comes back in a hurry,

And, I must admit, sometimes worry.


People love him everywhere

(Viz. his reception in New Orleans).

But it only takes one who doesn’t, waiting there,

Encouraged by the way the Right demeans.


Obama needs all the protection he can get

To protect him from the crazies loudmouthed Rightists abet.

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