Protecting the First Amendment?

August 19th, 2009

Taking assault rifles or a gun

To a town hall meeting may be fun.

For you that is (not everyone).

Just don’t tell me you’re protecting Amendment 1.


What you’re really trying to do

Is say Free Speech applies only to you

And those who believe as you want them to.


For others your weapon is a thinly-veiled threat

That if they don’t agree with you yet

They better soon or they’ll regret.


You carry that gun to intimidate

Those whose views you strongly hate

Their free speech to invalidate.


What you believe is a little hazy

But I’d never suggest that you are crazy

Because I don’t want to push up a daisy.


So forgive me if I’m a little alarmed

Democracy is not so strong it can’t be harmed

By those who in the battle of wits are otherwise


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