Prop 8 Poetry (or, Whipping Out My Big Ten Part… Series)

August 16th, 2010

One poem alone is underwhelming and petite,

But when you put ten together, that’s a lot more meat.

So I took all the poems that I’ve written about Prop 8

And put them together, this poem to create.

First, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 2 introduces the case

That marriage equality proponents would soon all embrace.

Second, SueTube reports the result of the Supreme Court’s refusal to let the trial be broadcast

Because of Prop 8 supporters alleged fears that their witnesses would be harassed.

Third, All in the NOH8 Family praises Cindy and Meghan McCain

For joining the NOH8 Campaign.

(Senator McCain, how about you?

Why don’t you send in your picture to?)

Fourth, The Gay Agenda  reveals that there IS a gay master plan

That doesn’t involve “recruiting” even a single straight man.

Fifth, Happenstance reveals the explosive news that Vaughn Walker is a… judge,

A fact that NOM Chair Robert George appears to begrudge.

Sixth, NOH8 is Great tells of the far right’s complaint

About the lack of “activist” judges’ judicial restraint

(Of course, when someone else’s ox is being gored,

The right is completely in accord.)

Seventh, Drawing a Blankenhorn tells more about Walker’s scathing opinion,

And of one Prop 8 proponent of whom Walker has a low opinion.

Number eight is my request to Judge Walker not to agree to a stay.

(He reached that decision later that day.)

Nine, No More Quotation Marks, attacks Prop 8 supporters’ use of quotes,

Which their belief that gay “marriage” isn’t real denotes.

And ten, in Moral Wrongs and Civil Rights, I note that a Prop 8 supporter got it right

When he said that a moral wrong can’t be a civil right.

More Prop 8 poems are on the way.

(I may even write another one today.)

I’ve also done more on marriage equality or gay rights

(I think I’m the only person that in rhyme about them writes).

If you’ve got a blog, please give me a plug (use this link),

And please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

PS: I actually have two more, but then I wouldn’t be able to use

The theme song Big Ten Inch Record of Her Favorite Blues.


Here’s your theme music, Big Ten Inch Record, performed by Arrowsmith (here’s the original by Bull Moose Jackson).


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