Proof! (or: Mitt lies about his taxes, but this time, he gets caught)

August 1st, 2012

Inspired by Rachel’s report tonight about how Mitt Romney lied about his taxes to become Mass. governor.



“You’re going to have to take my word for it.” — Romney spokesman during Mitt’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign about assertions regarding his taxes that later turned out to be false




When covering up a lie, Mitt usually pretends not to know,

And that’s just what he did 10 years ago.


But this particular lie was so brazen and bold

Because there’s proof Mitt knew he was lying when it was told.


This proves Mitt is willing to lie about his taxes to get ahead.

And now he wants us to believe he’s telling the truth instead?


Here’s Rachel’s 8/01/12 report on more lies from Mitt, this time about his tax returns (the quote is referenced at the 11” mark). As Rachel points out, Mitt had been claiming that the “fact” that he filed his taxes in Mass. proved he was a resident and therefore eligible to be governor. It was later discovered that he had in fact filed as a Utah resident, because that allowed him to reduce his tax bill. He hadn’t noticed, Mitt said. But, it was later revealed that Mitt had been retroactively refiling his past returns (Mitt does like to do things retroactively, doesn’t he) to change the residency. So how could he claim not to know if he’d been in the process of actively changing his past returns? And why had he still been claiming that he filed as aMass. resident when he knew it wasn’t true?

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