Proof that Glenn Beck is in League with Satan

November 24th, 2009

Inspired (if one can even use that term that term in connection with something so diabolical) by Glenn’s release of “The Plan” on Saturday (the sixth day), which also happens to be the Day of the Satanic Sabbath. A coincidence? I think not.

I somehow always knew that Glenn wasn’t just a normal man,

But this was confirmed when Glenn released “The Plan”.

In “The Plan” Glenn talks of full day “educational” sessions his minions will hold

To fully program the young and old.


He speaks of teaching “self-reliance”

(Which I guess is code for revolutionary defiance).

He’ll teach “community organizing” and being “a political force in your own neighborhood and country”

(Or using intimidation so that yours are the only views heard you guarantee).


Glenn’s been meeting with “some of the best minds in the country that believe in limited government”

(He finished yesterday, since it’s not a very large contingent).

He’s developing “a 100 year plan” (a vaguely scary idea–

Maybe he’ll make America the next 1000 Year Reich, or North Korea).


This will culminate in a new book (also called “The Plan”)

Through which it will be made clear that Glenn is the Man

Destined to save America from the Socialist Threat

And “refound” One Nation Under Glenn (or maybe a Palin-Beck duet).


The rest of The Plan is pedestrian

(Save for the Great Leader’s entry equestrian).

But the plan’s demonic source’s realization

Will surely shock the whole Nation.


To see what I mean, you must to Glenn’s website go.

If you dare, click on the link below:

That takes you to Glenn’s “Current events and politics” page,

Which itself is enough any Liberal to enrage.


Glenn’s release of  “The Plan” is one of the first items listed

But much more important is of what the article number consisted.

Buried in the website’s address

Is information that The Plan’s true source does express.


For you see, Glenn’s plan the country to fix

Is tagged with the number “666”!

What’s more, to get to “The Plan” itself

The html address is marked by the Beast himself.


As you see, the Devil’s code appears double

Which means “The Plan” could cause even more trouble.

The Devil marks that which is his own

In his quest the True God to dethrone.


How could I have found this when I didn’t seek it?

What might Glenn’s minions do to hide their secret?

Could this accidental discovery

End up being the death of me?


So quick fellow bloggers, these pages download,

Before Glenn Beck changes the code.

What else Glenn’s got planned, only he and his Master know

(For a hint, watch the video below).


But believe me, dear readers, this is on the level:

Glenn Beck IS in league with the Devil.


Here’s a screen shot of the “current events” page as it currently stands (proof of The Plan’s Satanic connection in case Glenn’s Minion’s later change it to hide the evidence).

Glenn Beck Current Events -- Mark of the Devil!

 Here’s a screen shot of the “Glenn Beck Reveals The Plan” page.

Glenn Beck Reveals The Plan (and its Satanic origin!) Here’s a screen shot of a Google search of for other occurrences of “666” (as you can see, there are many) on Glenn’s website, including a chilling article on “Bob the Anti-Christ” (that article also features the numbers “ 666” in the website address). Google search for 666

Here’s video of Glenn announcing on his show that he’s going to announce “The Plan” on Saturday.

Here’s video of Glenn announcing “The Plan” at The Villages in Florida. Note that he insinuates that ACORN smuggled underaged hookers across the border (that’s what the sting people pretended to do, not what ACORN did).


And here’s the revelation of what Glenn’s (and his Master’s) true plan may be, as shown in this movie trailer.

More on “The Plan

Here’s a summary of The Plan’s key demonic components. Note that there are six main points (so I guess he’s got two more sets of six points to come out with).

  1. Education: Glenn and his minions will be holding “full-day” programming sessions throughout the United States at which new recruits will be “immersed” (i.e., will be relentless bombarded with propaganda until they accept it as truth, a brain-washing technique pioneered by the Moonies) in learning “self-reliance” (e.g., how to set up your own local militia, what kind of canned goods to put in your bomb shelter, what guns to buy before Obama makes them illegal), the economy (or Glenn’s version of it, anyway), and “community organizing” and “how to be a political force in your own neighborhood and country” (i.e., how to intimidate your opponents through targeted protests and appearances at public events).
  2. Glenn has been meeting with “some of the best minds in the country” (really?) that “believe in limited government, maximum freedom and the values of our Founders” (OK, I guess that narrows it down to… well, somebody, I guess). He’s developing “a 100 year plan” (that’s vaguely scary, though I’m not sure exactly why; maybe because it sounds like the next step is a 1000 Year Reich).
  3. Since Glenn “knows” that “bipartisan corruption in Washington that has brought us to this brink and it [sic.] will not be defeated easily” (well, at least he’s half right on the bipartisan corruption thing, though it would have been nice if someone had checked his announcement for grammatical errors).
  4. Glenn says it will require “unconventional thinking” (like his, I guess, or maybe he just wants to get back to Bush’s belief-based decision making approach rather than the Democrats’ fact-based one) and a “radical plan” (again, sounds dangerous) to “restore our nation to the maximum freedoms we were supposed to have been protecting, using only the battlefield of ideas” (at least he seems to be outwardly, if crudely, eschewing violence here – though his imagery is still violent).
  5. Glenn goes on that “all of the above will culminate in The Plan, a book that will provide specific policies, principles and, most importantly, action steps that each of us can take to play a role in this Refounding.” OK, I get it now, it’s just another announcement for a future book release. But it is a little confusing that Glenn Beck was supposed to be revealing “The Plan” already, but that what he revealed was that “The Plan” he’s revealing isn’t actually “The Plan,” but instead is the plan to reveal “The Plan.” There, is that clear now? And what’s this about a “Refounding”? Does all of this Messianic language bother anyone else, or is it just me?
  6. Glenn is planning another big event to be held August 28, 2010 (“birthday of a new national movement to restore our great country”) at the Lincoln Memorial (talk about Messianic – I guess Glenn sees himself as the Disgruntled White Man’s Martin Luther King, since he scheduled his Refounding Day rally on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington and “I Have a Dream” speech). This man does like scheduled events: Refounding Day on 8/28, the 9/12 Project, the teabagger events, etc. Maybe the 8-28ers can just camp out on the Mall for the two weeks until the 9-12 project rally.
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  1. Lisa Hemmer Says:

    You guys are unbelievable! Ranting about Glenn Beck “community organizing”? Brainwashing? This is hypocritically hilarious! Minions?Come on! Look to your own”champion” for all this and more.When Saul Alinsky tactics are used against you,all of a sudden,it’s”No fair! These nuts can’t be allowed to get away with this!” You really are laughable.

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