President Paul Ryan

August 11th, 2012

Just a little Freudian slip…


“Join me in welcoming the next President of theUnited States, Paul Ryan.” – Mitt Romney announcement
“That man is standing right  next to me, his name is Mitt Romney, and he will be the next President of theUnited States of America. And I’ll be his co-President.” – Paul Ryan (OK, so I added that last part)


By choosing Ryan, Mitt Romney is doubling down

On his plan to take the social safety net down.


After Andrea, this was the right-wing’s price,

But who’s the President and who’s the Vice?


The idea is that making Ryan next in line

Will help the Right keep Mitt in line.


Like Grover said, Repubs just need someone who can pick up a pen,

And sign the Ryan budget then.


So yes, I think we all understand

Who’s in charge, and who’s second-in-command.


Here are Romney’s and Ryan’s speeches, including Mitt’s freudian slip. Is it just me, or is the way Ryan sticks in those little side comments weird and unnatural?


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