April 18th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney’s “prebuttal” today of President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention…five months from now.


“You won’t hear…” – Mitt Romney “prebuttal” speech listing of all the things that President Obama won’t say at the “Democrat Convention” in September (he’s right about that, since none of them are true)


Mitt Romney continues his anti-Obama charade,

“Prebutting” a speech the President hasn’t even made.


Romney figures he can say whatever he wants

When countering a speech Obama won’t make for five months.


Mitt didn’t have to make up a pretend speech to deplore—

Obama had just given an actual speech a few hours before.


But then, Mitt would have had to deal with actual facts,

Rather than having the freedom to mount baseless attacks.


It’s fitting, since non-Fox viewers can’t possibly have missed

That Romney’s running against a President who doesn’t exist.


He attacks things Obama never did and words Obama never said,

Much easier than criticizing the real Obama instead.


Even someone like me who to the philosophy of Progressivism subscribes

Wouldn’t vote for the man Mitt Romney describes.


Why all the overblown, hyperbolic drama?

Because the real Romney can’t beat the real Obama.


But fake Romney versus fake Obama? Then Mitt has a chance,

Especially when you throw in a billion or so from Big Finance.


Here’s a video clip of Romney’s prebuttal, followed by Martin Bashir’s rebuttal thereof.

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