Praising Arizona

May 19th, 2010

Inspired by Arizona OKs sales tax increase to balance budget (Washington Post 5/19/10).

 “I come not to bury Arizona, but to praise it.” – Marc Antony (paraphrased)

Arizona has been getting a lot of bad press,

In which I’ve played a (small) part, I must confess.

But today, for a change of pace

I have something good to say about the place.

Arizonans voted for a temporary sales tax increase

To avoid crucial service cuts (like education and police).

They raised it from 5.6 to 6.6 cents on the dollar,

Which normally would make Republicans scream and holler.

So kudos, Arizona, for avoiding that knee-jerk reaction

That is so common among the Tea/jerk faction.

(Sorry on my “praising Arizona” promise to renege,

But I just couldn’t keep myself from getting in that dig.)

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