Praise When Due

January 12th, 2011

Inspired by Speaker Boehner’s response to the Tucson shootings.

“Our Nation mourns for the victims. It yearns for peace.  And it thirsts for answers. As our Nation struggles to comprehend this act of savagery – this fearful assault on all of our sacred responsibilities – it speaks well of our institution that its members have reacted not with a torrent of accusations hurled at each other, but courageously, with a collective embrace – the embrace of brothers, sisters, and countrymen. It is in that spirit that we assemble here today… Let us now join together in prayer for the souls of the fallen, the recovery of the wounded, and the healing of a nation.” – Speaker Boehner remarks at 1/12/11 bipartisan prayer service

You didn’t focus on shifting blame

(Unlike some others there’s no need to name).

You in my view struck the right tone

(Unlike those who about their blamelessness intone).

You remembered who the real victims are

(Unlike others who seem to think they the victims are).

So today, you’ll herein be cheered instead of booed,

And tomorrow, Mr. Speaker, we’ll return to our usual attitude


Here’s Speaker Boehner’s 1/09/11 statement about the shooting.

Here’s Speaker Boehner today on the House floor.

Update 1/14/11: Here’s more praise for Boehner from the Washington Post.

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