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January 28th, 2010

As reported by Ordination dispute leads to resignation (Washington Post 1/28/10), Sylvia Mulherin, a former nun (married to a former priest) and the music director at St. Leo the Great Catholic parish in Fairfax has reportedly been fired because she was quoted in an earlier Post article as saying that women should be allowed to be priests. She says Rev. David Whitestone called her after the article appeared and demanded her resignation. He denies it.

I believe that women should be able to take ordination’s holy rite

And I think Americans (and Catholics) would agree that’s right.

But I don’t advocating that be legislated

Because Church and State should be separated.

But I draw the line when someone’s fired

In cases like what here transpired.

That’s not something you should do

Just because someone disagrees with you.

Father, I know that you deny Mulherin’s story,

But I think she’s more credible than you are (sorry).

And regarding the issue about which she complained,

I too think women should be allowed to be ordained.

And by the way, I also saw the movie Doubt,

Which admittedly isn’t what your dispute is about.

But I does shed light on leadership problems within the Church

Which its reputation did besmirch.

Having some women in top positions

Might have led to better decisions.


Here’s the trailer from the really excellent movie referred to above about disputes between priests and nuns (the nun was right in that one too).

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