October 11th, 2010

Inspired by Cable chatter narrows electoral landscape (Washington Post 10/11/10).

“I don’t like you, you don’t like me.” — Snaggletooth

Whether on the left or the right,

Everybody likes to be right.

People have views and don’t like to be challenged,

Especially when those views are a little unhinged.

Like polarized glass, partisan media filters out what’s unwanted,

Leaving its consumers unchallenged, but stunted.

I agree this has become a negative trend

That may cause democracy as we know it to end.

Electoral politics has become just another team sport,

Though the other sports’ seasons are more short.

But with politics, we now have the permanent campaign,

From which the previously neutral media doesn’t abstain.

Walter Cronkite would never have dreamed of expressing his own political views,

But now that’s all they do on MSNBC and Fox News.

For those of my readers who may not recall,

Fox News was the culprit that started it all.

MSNBC later joined in the fray

To provide some balance to what Fox had to say.

But even though having right and left networks isn’t great,

One shouldn’t between the two sides equate.

For example, on MSNBC, GOP candidates are invited but afraid to go,

While most Foxists don’t let Dems appear live on their show.

(When Fox shows video of Dems, it’s usually edited

In ways to make the speaker discredited.)

And MSNBC at least backs up its reporting with facts,

While Fox News focuses on baseless partisan attacks.

Yes, there is a lot of partisan chatter,

But the difference between the two sides does matter.


Here’s your theme music, Polarization by Snaggletooth from the CD Unfair Advantage (how apprpriate).

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