Plus Ca Change (Plus C’est La Meme Chose)

November 4th, 2010

Question: How much will the election results change the dynamic between the House and Senate? Answer: Not at all.

House Republicans can pass all the bills they please.

Most will just die in the Senate, where Dems will block them with ease.

With a few notable exceptions, that’s what’s happened for the last two years,

During which Senate Republicans have revelled in gumming up the gears.

The GOP in the art of blocking legislation is very well versed,

But now the situation will be reversed.

Repubs will soon be complaining about the Senate’s obstruction,

A skill in which they require no instruction.

But if they really want to pass some legislation,

There’s lots left over that would actually help the Nation.

So Mr. Once-and-Future Senate Minority Leader, how about that,

When your party’s own initiatives fall flat.

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