Planned Horseparenthood

February 23rd, 2011

Inspired by Republicans Cut Contraceptives for Women but Allow for Horses (Huffington Post 2/21/11) and last night’s “Moment of Zen” (watch it below). For more about Republican love for horses, read A Horse is a Horse and Equus. For more about birth control, read Ode to the Pill. And SIGN THIS PETITION to tell your Senator to vote against the bill.

Anti-Planned Parenthood Republican Dan Burton

Doesn’t care if women are hurtin’.

He voted to stop all federal funding to Planned Parenthood,

But believes that providing birth control to wild horses is good.

He thinks that without it, the horses will suffer,

As if destroying Planned Parenthood won’t make women’s lives rougher.

Dan, Why do you want to treat women so unkind?

Did you think they wouldn’t mind?

I care about wild horses as much as you,

But if it’s good enough for them, isn’t it good enough for people too?

On one thing we disagree, of course:

I think women are at least as important as

A horse.


Here’s your theme music, Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones.


Here’s the Daily Show’s 2/22/11 Moment of Zen about contraception for wild horses.

The Daily Show – Moment of Zen – Contraception for Wild Horses
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