Pitching a Tent

November 27th, 2011

Why should Christian Conservatives support the Occupy Movement? Because their approach is straight from the Bible.

“They will set up their camps and pitch their tents among you; they will eat your fruit and drink your milk.” — Ezekiel 25:4


“God, the eternal Word, presses the flesh and pitches a tent in our midst.” – John 1:14


When you’ve got a message you don’t want dismissed,

The best way to convey it is to pitch a tent in our midst.


That way, your physical presence is a constant  cue

Of what society needs to do.


The Occupy Movement has followed this teaching

To ensure the maximum audience’s reaching.


For any Christians out there still on the fence,

Heed the Bible and rally to Occupy’s defense.


After all, wouldn’t it be a little odd

To criticize Occupiers for doing what’s instructed by God?


So forge ahead, Occupiers, and pitch your tent

To remind us that we’re the 99 percent.


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