Period (or, No Newt is Good Newt)

July 29th, 2010

Inspired by Newt Gingrich’s brave stand against the looming Muslim threat of Sharia law (apparently, it’s poised to overtake our legal system) and the “Ground Zero Mosque” (click here to read more about that).

What is with you these days Newt—you always seem enraged.

Are you afraid of being by Sarah Palin upstaged?

You’re also going out of your way to appear more decisive

(Not to mention even more divisive).

You seem to be making extra efforts not to be outdone.

Could you be preparing for a presidential run?

Sorry Newt, but I don’t think you have much of a chance,

And not just because your increasingly bizarre stance.

You’ve just got too much baggage weighing you down,

Making it unlikely that you’ll get the crown.

Having led the 1994 Republican Revolution just isn’t that great a credential,

And your behavior since hasn’t been that presidential.

I know you’ve got to move right to have a chance in the GOP primary,

But you’ve gone to such an extreme that you’ve become kind of scary.

You think you’re on the right track, but you just don’t get it.

Sorry, but I think you should forget it.

Just like when you trumpeted the GOP’s new “Permanent Majority” in 1994,

If you win this November, it won’t be any more permanent than before.

And even though you’ve convinced yourself of the reverse,

Your personal prospects for 2012 are even worse.

But go ahead, if you feel you must, and give America another chance to refute;

As we’ve said before, no Newt is good Newt.

I know you think you and the GOP are entering a new Golden Period,

But sorry, you’re wrong,



Here’s a clip of Newt on the Rachel Maddow Show’s 7/29/10 “Faith-Bait Initiatives” report, rallying followers to defend our country against looming Islamic threats. He says “period” not once, but twice.


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