Payback (or, My Secret but Risky Plan to Turn the Tables on the GOP)

December 9th, 2010

A follow up to my earlier pieces, Ransom and Hostage Rescue 101 (or, click here for the rest of the Bush tax cut series).

The hostage takers got what they wanted

And Democrats appear to have punted.

If critics are believed, it wasn’t even fourth down,

And now at the end of the first half, Dems are again down.

Here’s an idea to give the hostage takers what they deserve,

And tax cuts for the working and middle class preserve.

Those tax cuts have already passed the House side,

And it’s just in the Senate that a new approach needs to be applied.

So, when the new Senate is sworn in

Before the session can formally begin,

Adopt new Senate rules with one minor adjustor:

Get rid of the filibuster.

Then, pass the House bill extending tax cuts on income of $250K and below,

Which would just take 50 votes, with Biden breaking the tie, you know.

(Ironically that’s how the original Bush tax cuts were passed,

When then-VP Cheney the tie-breaking vote cast.)

Republicans have threatened to kill the filibuster again and again.

Dems have proposed it too, so if not now, when?

Of course, it would have been better to have done that before,

Since Dems won’t have a majority in the House anymore.

But the Senate could start on all the bills the House has already passed–

After two years of GOP obstruction, quite a backlog has amassed.

DADT, the DREAM Act, the climate bill, and more–

All things Republicans didn’t let pass before.

Yes, I know that a new Congress means that unpassed bills die,

So that rule would have to be changed so this approach could apply.

For example, carryover bills could be allowed for one year,

After which they would disappear.

If this doesn’t work, Dems might just have to shelve

Our political payback until 2012.


Continuing our Mel Gibson theme from Ransom, here are some scenes from the movie from which this post takes its name.


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