Pay to Spray

October 9th, 2010

The Cranick family’s home burned to the ground.

The fire department stood there and watched it burn down.

Gene Cranick worked and paid taxes all his life, but unfortunately

Forgot to pay the $75 opt-in fire department fee.

Glenn Beck and other “conservatives” thinks this approach is a great idea,

Given that “personal responsibility” is the Republican panacea.

(That is, of course, until it applies to themselves;

Then they cry for bailouts, or blame someone else.)

The fire department wanted to make that $75 fee a mandatory tax,

But as we all know, politicians that propose those are subject to Teabagger attacks.

Instead, they effectively privatized the local fire department

That forbidden three letter word to circumvent.

Is this the policy Republicans will promote if they win in November

(They tried to privatize Social Security, remember).

What about people who can’t afford the fee, or pay a few days late?

What kind of society do Republicans want to create?

Is this what they’ll do where their local candidates prevail?

What about people whose check gets lost in the mail?

What about checks lost by the treasurer’s office?

Will the local GOP their protests and lamenting dismiss?

What about data entry errors that cause payments to be coded to the wrong address?

Will the fire department let those houses burn down nonetheless?

The Cranick’s family cat and the dog both died in the fire.

Will the right also throw people onto their ideological pyre?

Based on past performance will, even though it’s not very nice:

After all, they’re always willing, the less privileged to sacrifice.


Here are Keith’s 10/04/10, 10/05/10 and 10/06/10 reports on the South Fulton Tennessee fire department that let the Cranick family’s home burn down because he’d forgotten to pay his $75 “subscription” fee. Also check out the 10/08/10 “Worst Persons” for a revelation about what the “Christian” thing to do in this case was.

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