Passage to India (or: Right Wing Journalism is an Oxymoron)

November 9th, 2010

Inspired by the right-wing echo chamber’s latest example of sloppy, duplicitous “journalism.”

Obama’s trip to India will cost $200 million/day

(At least according to Fox, anyway).

He’s being escorted by 34 warships.

(See them all in the Fox video clips?)

It sure makes me angry, as I’m sure it does you.

Too bad none of it is true.

The Pentagon refutes it,

And even the Wall Street Journal disputes it.

Fox ran the story without checking

(They couldn’t without their narrative wrecking).

And just like in the movie, the dark-skinned guy is blamed.

Fox News: you should be ashamed.


Here’s Hardball’s 11/05/10 report. Kudos for the title (inspired by the famous book/movie), Chris. And Ari: great line about rightwing journalism being an oxymoron.

Here’s Stephen Colbert’s 11/08/10 report.

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President Obama’s Expensive Trip to India
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Here’s your theme music, Passage to India by Karmacy.

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