Outside Agitators

August 14th, 2014

Inspired by Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson says “It's a lot of outside agitators that are causing the violence.” Now where have I heard that phrase before?


“It’s a lot of outside agitators that are causing the violence.” – Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson


Outside agitators? I’ve heard that phrase before,

But didn’t think I’d hear it anymore.


That’s what Southern police chiefs said about Dr. King

And others who sought Civil Rights to the South to bring.


(It’s part of how they justified their brutal repression

And use of violence for peaceful protest’s suppression.)


Was Chief Jackson to Rev. Al Sharpton referring,

Who spoke out against the violence that was occurring?


He may be an outsider, but he’s there at the family’s request,

Calling not for violence, but for an official inquest.


Based on their reaction, it would appear

That that’s what the authorities really fear.


Here‘s Rachel’s 8/13/14 report. The Ferguson police chief’s quote is at the 3”30 mark.

Here‘s Rev. Al’s call for non-violence at a rally in Ferguson, which was joined by Michael Brown’s father.

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