Outnumbered Again

September 29th, 2011

A follow-up to The Vanishing, inspired by Biggest groups of poor kids is Latino: First time that white children are outnumbered (Carol Morello and Ted Mellnik).


For whites, the good old days are over:

Here’s more proof minorities are taking over.


Statistics like this can’t help but remind

That white folks are falling further behind.


Most poor kids were white, way back when,

But those damned Hispanics have done it again.


It’s bad enough they take jobs white people should get,

But their kids taking over poverty? That’s even worse yet.


Like everything else that plagues our nation,

You can blame it all on immigration.


(Latino kids with immigrant parents are 50% more

Than those with US-born parents likely to be poor.)


Pardon my French, but it just ain’t right:

InAmerica, most poor kids should be white.


(Or, if we could bring the really good times back,

Then the poor kids would all be black.)


I guess that being poor

Is another job Americans don’t want anymore.


PS: If you add the 4.4 million poor black kids to the 6.1 million poor Hispanic kids, the total is more than double the 5 million poor white kids! That’s a scandal that every real American should be up in arms about. 


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