Our Pearl Harbor

December 7th, 2011

A follow-up to my Pearl Harbor piece last year, inspired by that day’s lessons for us today.


70 years ago today, Pearl Harbor was bombed and we went to war,

And FDR asked each American to do more.


Many were asked to (and did) pay the ultimate price,

But every American was asked to (and did) sacrifice.


We paid higher taxes and curtailed consumption,

And awaited the war’s end for the latter’s resumption.


After 9-11, Republicans asked us to do not more, but less,

And now refuse the problem they created to address.


It was the first time taxes had ever been cut in time of war,

Even though paying for national defense is the main reason we have government for.


Now, Republicans prescribe more of the same,

With sacrifice that is shared only in name.


Working and middle class wealth, jobs, and protections are allowed to fall,

While the one percent’s “sacrifice” is to let government exist at all.


Corporate profits and wealth concentration are at historic highs,

And Republicans say the American Dream no longer to the 99% applies.


We’ve got some big problems that need to be solved,

But they can’t by more middle and working class suffering be resolved.


We need to sacrifice, but it must be fair.

Sorry, 1 percent, but it’s time to share.


Though our nation’s still reeling from Wall Street’s surprise attack,

The time has come to take our country back.


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