Our great country

September 19th, 2009

Things have been pretty pessimistic lately, so here’s an attempt to reinject a little more optimism back into the blog.


America is a great country

But it won’t stay that way

If we let the things that made us great

Continue to decay.


Democracy, civility, and tolerance

Aren’t helped by angry rants.

Ignorance may be bliss

But too much of it has taken us to the abyss.


There are things that are wrong with us

And all those things we must discuss.

It’s not a great move

To say we don’t need to improve.


In healthcare and education we’re being outdone,

In the race for the future we’re being outrun.

Hollow shouts that “we’re number 1”

Aren’t really helping anyone.


Call me a fretter,

But we need to do better.

Why are we the world’s largest debtor?

What happened to the American go-getter?


Yes, there are things about us to recriminate,

But much about us still is great.

For example, only in America would the nation’s leader stoop

To pick up his own dog’s poop.


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