July 23rd, 2011

Inspired by Obama-Boehner talks collapse; each side blames the other (Washington Post 7/22/11) and How the White House killed the deal (WashingtonPost.com7/22/1121:07).


I’m sorry, Mr. President, but I think you made a mistake

When you Speaker Boehner’s revenue offer didn’t take.


Sure, $800 billion is only 20%,

And it might not have gotten Teabagger consent.


But it would have been a hole in the anti-revenue dike

And would have made Repubs accept something they don’t like.


(A reminder of what compromise really is,

And that you can’t do without it in the political biz.)


And I think it was the best you could have done,

Even though selling the entitlement changes wouldn’t have been fun.


I get that you were made more vulnerable to criticism from your base

When the Gang of Six a higher revenue figure did embrace.


(Chalk that up to bad timing,

And Boehner’s over-reaction to nickel-and-diming.)


Usually you have everything so carefully mapped out,

But this time you rolled the dice, and crapped out.


(I appreciate that you tried to get the grand bargain back

But Boehner walked out and wouldn’t come back.)


That’s OK, Mr. Pres., you just keep trying,

But if I said I think you’ll get a better deal now, I’d be lying.

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