November 9th, 2009

Inspired by the of the opening up of the Berlin Wall on 11/09/89 . Watch video below from the celebratory U2 concert at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Nov. 5, and read “Berlin ’89: When the Impossible Became Real” (Huffington Post 11/08/09) for thoughts on “Fall of the Wall” lessons we can apply today.

20 years ago today

The Berlin Wall was torn away.

And a country divided

Was again united.


Reagan said to Gorbachev

“Tear down this wall,”

But it wasn’t either of them

That did it at all.


It was the German people

On both the West and East side

Which is why this day is rightly

A source of national pride. 


I wish I’d been there (it must have been fun).

From that day forward, Berlin was One

They did what they had to do.

I’m happy the Wall’s gone. Aren’t U2?


PS for my German friends and relatives:

Ich gratuliere Euch sehr,

Dass die Mauer ist nicht mehr

Und dass es gibt jetzt keine



Here’s U2 performing One at the 5 Nov. 2009 Berlin concert.

Here’s U2 performing the song at the 19 July 2009 Berlin concert (the visuals aren’t as good, but the audio is much better).

Here’s the music video, filmed in Berlin. The older man is Bono’s dad.

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